Milano 2014

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Molly Perrin plays with research to generate jewellery and artefacts.
Jewellery and traditional silver objects are often both shiny and charged, reflecting myths in our relationship with our personal environments. I excavate these topics to create new concepts which determine what processes I use in my work; silicon composite carving, screen based artefacts, grains of silver of meticulously worked in cad software then individually created out of old silverware.
I’m currently working on ideas based on the resonance between earliest objects and developing technologies, interpreting these making cultures with light.


Pieces of adornment are currently stocked in Black Box, Edinburgh.


Scholarship | AlumniRCA 2012/2013

Workshop | Young European Talents | Pforzheim DE
Bursary | Chasing, Repousse, Gold Inlay Masterclass | West Dean UK
Shortlisted | QEST scholarship
Commission | Sir John Soane’s Museum | London UK

Workshop | Goldsmiths’ Company ‘Getting Started’ Postgraduate Business Course

Commission | Jane Austen House Museum | Chawton UK
Bursary | Goldsmiths’ Company Precious Metals Award

1st prize | Architectural Award, Pewter Live | London UK

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